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In Downtown visual and performing arts sit happily in the lap of bygone industry.  Years of historic reclamation and repurposing unusual things make best friends of the quiet discipline of preservation and the loud expression of new creations.     The heart of Issaquah is full of small, local businesses, talented artists and performers who spend countless hours rehearsing, painting and refining their works.  The arts are alive in Downtown Issaquah!

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First StageLooking for concerts, events and music in the Seattle area? Downtown Issaquah is closer than you think – in fact for some Seattle residents, its closer than home! The Seattle vibrant arts, music and events scene spills over from Lake Washington into Issaquah making it the cultural center of the Eastside. Luscious and green, Issaquah is an emerald in the Seattle crown and was voted the “Best Suburb” by Sunset Magazine and “Best Place to Live” in the Country by Outside Magazine.

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